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BPR is a beginner - advanced semi-realistic wolf roleplay where the main rules is respect and loyalty. This site maintains stress and drama free roleplaying throughout the day. Anyone is welcome to join and if help is wanted it is quickly given by the helpful staff. Blizzard Pack Reborn is located in the depths of Alaska where humans are rarely found. There is no set plot, but everyone can make up their own for their characters if they wish.
The community here is always friendly and fun so don't be shy to PM anyone are jump into a rp thread. The site was meant to be used for fun, so come and enjoy yourself!
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Blizzard Pack Forum Rules {ALL MUST READ) Xqi6vc
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Blizzard Pack Forum Rules {ALL MUST READ)

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Blizzard Pack Forum Rules {ALL MUST READ) Empty Blizzard Pack Forum Rules {ALL MUST READ)

Post by Snow on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:42 pm


Out of Character rules (OOC)
1. Cussing is allowed, but don't worry about younger roleplayers because each cuss word you type, it will be starred out like this: s***
2. Do not be rude to other members are you will be reported and warned. If this continues, you will be banned from this forum
3. Do not post anything innoproriate because that will just ruin peoples days. Lets try to remain PG to PG13
4. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT use copyrighted images. You will get banned if I find out you used one of them. If you wish to use non copyrighted images, please go to certain websites to find the photos
5. Copy someones character will not be allowed. Be creative with your character, but remember this is a Semi-Realistic Wolf RP pack.
6. Posts must be more then 2 sentences long
7. Do not post any personal information which includes: Where you live, How old you are, etc.
8. Be active in this forum so you must post 3 times a week. If not you will see a inactivity warning in your inbox, and if you don't reply to the reason why you have been inactive, you will get another warning, and if that isn't resolved, you will be kicked out of the pack.
9. Do not double post! You will be warned if you do and its just annoying to everyone in the thread.
10. Feel free to make your own thread in this forum in roleplay for your wolf, and mark it as either 'Private', which means that only the people you invite can join, or 'Open', which means that anyone can join in.
11. Please keep religions out of this
12. You must roleplay in third person so no 'I', please but 'She', 'We', or even 'Him' for your characters
13. There will be no powerplaying which means that you kill something with one bite. This is possible with rabbits though, but not with larger game. We are trying to be realistic here
14. Not "chat speech", which means no lol, gtg, etc. during roleplay. In other topics yes you may post Lol, but please write out full sentences, its not that hard.
15. Your username must be the name of your character, this is temporary so everyone knows who is who.

In Character (IC)
1. Do not god-mod. Godmodding is when your character dodges every attack and doesn't get hurt. This is impossible, and when your wolf is in a fight, your character will get hurt!
2. Use realistic pelt colors, such as white, blue, or any other realistic wolf pelt color. Please do not use rainbow or pink for your wolf or you won't be accepted
3. Any wolf is entitled to a mate, but please keep everything in PM's if you decide to
"mate" or do whatever. If you decide to have pups, a adoption thread will be made for them to find roleplayers
4. You are allowed to roleplay more than one character, but please keep it to the amount to where you can stay active with all of them.
5. Do not pretend to be a Regal (High Position) if you are not one. This will not be tolerated and you will be quickly banned.
6. All ranks are to be treated fairly, however the Regals are to be treated with the highest of respect as they decide your fate
7. Do not SPAM the forums or even during roleplay or you will receive a warning
8. Do not randomly post that the pack is getting attacked by humans or anything like that during the middle of RP. This is not needed and just annoys people so don't do it. You will be warned if this happens.
9. Your wolf is allowed to have un-realistic eye colors just don't go overboard as to say rainbow. Purple, and etc. are okay eye colors
10. Your wolf needs to be semi-realistic, so no powers, or any special abilities that can like control the elements. We are more realistic so there are no wolves to be able to heal you, like there wouldn't be one in a real wolf pack
11. You may not kill another wolf without their permission! Follow this rule are you will be permanently banned

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