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BPR is a beginner - advanced semi-realistic wolf roleplay where the main rules is respect and loyalty. This site maintains stress and drama free roleplaying throughout the day. Anyone is welcome to join and if help is wanted it is quickly given by the helpful staff. Blizzard Pack Reborn is located in the depths of Alaska where humans are rarely found. There is no set plot, but everyone can make up their own for their characters if they wish.
The community here is always friendly and fun so don't be shy to PM anyone are jump into a rp thread. The site was meant to be used for fun, so come and enjoy yourself!
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Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. Xqi6vc
The blizzard has subsided and there is a thick layer of snow covering the ground. However the sun in shining brightly and there seems to be no clouds in the sky. Perfect time for sun bathing.
Current Temperature: 75
Season: Winter
Mating? Yes
Birthing? No

Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack Reborn.

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Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. Empty Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack Reborn.

Post by Night on Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:40 am

Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. 2dqr9sp
Name: Night
Gender: Male
Age: 24moons
Rank: Beta Male
Personality: Night's personality kind of reminds you like the president. On the outside, he is strong, a great leader, always confident. He walks like he is a soldier riding a horse proudly and talks like he is a professional speech-giver. His voice and heart are strong, and he is very smart and wise. He is who you want to go to for advice on pretty much anything. On the inside, he is a dark, deep hole that is endless. He is very negative, though he always acts positive. He hates life, even though he is perfectly good at handling it. He isn't sure why he's like this, he just is. He never shows his real feelings to anyone, eccept if he falls in love with someone. He is totally and completely open to a mate of his, whenever he may get one. Besides his hidden and secret hatered for life, he is a well-thought-out character that is easy to fall in love with and be friends with.
Appearance: Like most male wolves, he is larger than the females. He is so large that he sometimes even stands taller than other males. His fur is long and dark black, with a few flecks of white in places like his underbelly, muzzle, and paws. His eyes shine a bright, but dark, blue color and they shine in both sunlight and moonlight. Some may think it's girly, but females find this very attractive. He is big boned and build to be a strong fighter.
Current Replationship: None yet.
Current Crush; None
Packs: Blizzard Pack
Offspring: None, yet.
Siblings: None.
History: He was born in the Blizzard Pack, and grew up there. His parents, Fern and Montain, died when he was young from a horrble sickness that spread through the pack at that time. He spent most of his life training to et stronger and be skilled, and also learning many things and gaining knowledge. He has pretty much had a nromal life.


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Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. Empty Re: Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack Reborn.

Post by Cherokee/Breezy on Sun Dec 16, 2012 1:51 am

:O He's adorable, I like the personality and appearance part Smile


Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. Chero_10

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Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. Empty Re: Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack Reborn.

Post by Snow on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:20 am

Love the picture Kelly ^^ Looks great so far ^^


Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. F04tbl

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Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack  Reborn. Empty Re: Night, Beta of Blizzard Pack Reborn.

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