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The petite mistress, Ale-nari Xqi6vc
The blizzard has subsided and there is a thick layer of snow covering the ground. However the sun in shining brightly and there seems to be no clouds in the sky. Perfect time for sun bathing.
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The petite mistress, Ale-nari

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The petite mistress, Ale-nari Empty The petite mistress, Ale-nari

Post by Ale-nari on Wed May 01, 2013 9:24 am

[Picture of wolf]

Name: Ale-nari

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

Species: Arabian wolf

Current Relationship: None

Current Rank: None

Current Crush: None

Packs: None

Offspring: None

Siblings: None

Appearance: Short but keen, Ale-nari has a quite striking figure, with a bright hue of brown forming on her canvas, it moves it to a darker hued brown as your eyes dart about her slender figure.

Personality: Normally kind, caring, flirty but also her personality can strike a newer acquainted wolf to be rude and overly sexual (flirty).

History: Haunted, lost, dead are the only words that Ale-nari can ever recall before she goes into a phase of non-livelyness. Her past has always haunted her, her parents left her to fend for herself after 3 months of age. She always thought of herself as an outcast, forbidden to ever live life to its fullest.

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