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Nocturne the wandering Shadow Xqi6vc
The blizzard has subsided and there is a thick layer of snow covering the ground. However the sun in shining brightly and there seems to be no clouds in the sky. Perfect time for sun bathing.
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Nocturne the wandering Shadow

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Nocturne the wandering Shadow Empty Nocturne the wandering Shadow

Post by Nocturne on Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:54 pm

Nocturne the wandering Shadow Black_wolf_triumphant_by_valdyrnordvindr-d5qoa95
Username: Nocturne

‡ Alias ‡
This wolf carrys the name of his forefathers, Nocturne.

‡ Gender ‡
Nocturne is a fully grown and mature male lupine.

‡ Hourglass ‡
Nocturne has seen three solar cycles upon this plane of existence. 

‡ Species ‡
Nocturne is the result of the Timber lupus line. 

‡ Svaśs ‡
Yet has there been a fellow wolf to draw this recluse males attention. He awaits the wolf to cause his heart to thump and blood to burn. A wolf not afraid to put him in his place.

‡ Progeny ‡
This male has yet to acquire the right to pass on his genetic code.

‡ Desired Rank ‡
The calling of Beta would be Nocturnes most appropriate position. As a genetically dispositioned male for dominance, due to his fathers influence in behaviour, this wolf would excel as a leading member of the pack. He is level-headed, capable of disphering situations to precede with the most effective course of action. Though serene in in personality, he is not afraid to put a wolf in their place should they step out of line and disobey the Alphas commands. His sole focus being that of the survive and prosperity of the pack, Nocturne shows the upmost loyalty and commitment to his pack. Highly knowledgeable in weather interpretation and patterns of herd movement, he is a well respected member in the tracking, hunting, and protecting units. Regal and authoritative, Nocturne would be an exemplary candidate for seceding the rank of Beta.

‡ Presentation ‡
Nocturne bears a impenetrable drapery of an assortment of overcast tones. sorrel charcoals, soothing onyx, and lustrous alabasters; this brute has meagre complications melting into obscurity during the hunter. By virtue of his forefathers blood, this Freki descendent retains a lengthy pelage throughout the year, yielding a superior insulation to the frigid temperatures cast down from the currents originating in the Far North. A disfiguring scar runs the full expanse of his port flank. Onset inferior to his crown, it curves above the arch of his pelvis, ceasing in a jagged end upon the base of his tail. Numerous imperfections plauge the surface of his hide, documenting the tale of his difficult past as a dispersal. His frame consists of expansive shoulders, an elongated torso, and elevated appendages. With his crown, banner, and impressive scapula permanently held aerial to his drawn out spine, Nocturne is the pinnacle of nobility and dominance. Combined with a steady, long striding gait, and piercing metallic optics, Nocturnes' certainty in his skill, strength and experience are absolute.

‡ Demeanour ‡
Nocturne is a highly reserved wolf, orbiting towards the harmonious atmosphere of the deep woodlands surrounding the packs territory. Recognized for his introvert nature, this substantial overcast male prefers the company of only his most closest of kin. However, when in the presence of pack, Nocturne evolves into a charismatic and authoritative begin, asserting an immense regal appearance deserving of respect. A formidable competitor, this brute will defend his pack to his final breath, as past experiences have forged his spirit into an animalistic and brutal warrior.

‡ RP Example ‡
Driving his extended talons into the rigid foundation, Nocturne extracted his substantial frame from the ledge, heaving up onto the platform. Oscillating his broad shoulders, moulting the debris which had cemented itself upon his epidermis, the ivory hued male angled his broad crown to the steep elevation, thrashing his bulky banner behind him in aggravation, the peak of the cliffs still posed aerial to his position. Cinching his angular jaws closed in a thunderous crack of his dentition, the male continued his upward track, his robust appendages taking lengthy strides forward, diminishing the separation between his form and the targeted prey. Striding into the perimeter of a vaulted ledge, the massive brute peered through the obscuring mists, his eerily illuminated optics piercing through the defences with frightening ease. Sighting his target, Nocturne takes cautious steps forward, spreading his pads to disperse his weight, lightening the fall of his paw steps.
A somber vocalization verberated from deep within his esophagus, alerting the other canine of his presence, finding no honour in assaulting another from behind. Fastening his cruel gaze upon the clearly frightened wolf, Nocturne bared his jagged, curving dentition, his upright pinna and arching tail displaying his supreme dominance and aggression. "Wolf, my tracker tells me you have been wondering the borders of our territory for many a moon. Instead of alerting us of your presence, you take from our land and sleep within our protection. For this insult you shall be besotted severe punishment."
Tightening his weight bearing spine, the powerful male gathered his quivering muscles, adrenaline coursing through his frame at what was to come. "Face me with honour wolf, or you shall perish in shame." Gaping his hinged jaws to their most paramount position, the ghostly wolf surged forward, locking claws and fangs with the smaller wolf. Snarling savagely, Nocturne bore down upon the wolf, his fangs slicing through the dense hide of the his rivals side. Ignoring the howls of agony and the retaliating claws digging into his stomach, the warrior buried his gleaming fangs deep into the wolfs throat, crushing his esophagus beneath tremendous weight, feeling the cartilage collapse under the sheer pressure. Taking position above the flinching wolf, Nocturne peered into the dimming eyes, paying the final honour to the wolf by watching his life leave his dimming optics.
"It be done." He murmured, the hot life blood drenching the fur of his apex and chest, the darkened fur gaining a grotesque crimson tone. Throwing back his stained trunk, the male released a deep resonating howl, beseeching the pack that the intruder had been eliminated. Unfolding the elegant creases from his appendages, Nocturne rearranged the sprawling muscles into a raised position, preparing to make the journey back into the heart of the packs territory.

‡ Activity level ‡
As long as the site remains active I will try to be on at least once a day. So i would rank my activity at around 9/10

‡ Current packs ‡
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