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Tips to being a Advanced Roleplayer Xqi6vc
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Tips to being a Advanced Roleplayer

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Tips to being a Advanced Roleplayer Empty Tips to being a Advanced Roleplayer

Post by Snow on Sat Dec 01, 2012 2:00 pm

So you want to be a advanced roleplayer eh? Well here are a couple easy tips to remember while rolplaying! Very Happy

1. Proper Grammar!
There is a spellcheck button for a reason. Because of this there should be no misspelled words. Being a advanced roleplayer means that you use proper grammar, which includes punctuation.
Example of terrible grammar: Teh wlf slept in teh dne
Example of proper grammar: A large female wolf lunged at the enemies jugular as she wanted to rip out his windpipe

2. Be Descriptive!
Being descriptive is what pretty much makes up advanced roleplay. Instead of just describing that your wolf is walking, you can start to go into detail on how they are walking, what they hear, or even what your wolf is thinking. The ideas are endless for what you can do!
Bad example: Fang barked loudly
Great example: Fang raised his large cranium into the air as several thoughts began to form into his mind. Where was his pack? Why was all this blood here? The lupine didn't know and looked around. Fear slowly began to creep into his body as he stayed frozen in the middle of the clearing as the moon shone above him. A whimper escaped the males jaws and he let his tail move in between his legs. Out of fear he let out a warning bark in case any other living thing that might want his flesh left him alone at the sound of his powerful bark.
Its actually pretty easy, you just become very descriptive on everything your wolf does. And its fun!

3. No one liners
One liners can be the death of you. These one liners need no skill be to able make these. Longer sentences are preferred in advanced Roleplay so try your best to make them long and descriptive
Bad Example: The wolf walked down the road
Great example: A large timber wolf walked down a mountain pass. His long fur hung from his large body, while some areas were tighter with fur. He had the usual yellow eyes of a wolf that seemed to catch anything that moved. He relied on instinct, and that's all he needed.

4. Don't roleplay with yourself!
Yes indeed some people do this. When they aren't apart of something they just roleplay by themselves. This gets annoying for several reasons. 1. You are just wasting space where better posts can be made. 2. You are not making any progress for your character. 3. Its not fun to rp by yourself, so guess what, don't do it!

4. Be Creative!
This is one thing that makes a advanced roleplayer. Don't just make a average black wolf that always has blood colored eyes. Everyone does that and it quickly gets old and it isn't fun to do so. Make a wolf with different fur colors that aren't often used, but stay within the rules. And of course use different eye colors other then blue, or red for evil wolves. Don't make a evil wolf obviously black because that is cliche, the same goes for good wolves. Good and bad can be different colors! Being creative is fun, and that also goes to the name of your wolf. Don't just name your wolf Fang, or Aspen, think of something creative. Use different synonyms for it if you want, and you can even give your wolf a last name as well! So enjoy the rp and go crazy with being creative, just make sure it stays within the rules.

5. No random events!
Sadly I've seen this happen a lot and its never fun to rp with. Say you are just having fun roleplaying and suddenly someone comes in with a enemy pack randomly and they try to kill everything. Or while everyone is roleplaying, they play a disaster, like suddenly a earthquake happens. Yes those are never fun and are completely annoying! People only do this to get attention and you simply need to ignore them. If you want to get noticed, have your character talk to someone! That's one way to get started off slowly or even make them do something amazing or nice for someone.

6. Muse
Don't know what muse is? Well muse is the ability to make long posts and being descriptive. This is very important to have if you want to become a advanced roleplayer like a lot of people are. If you are angry or mad, don't even bother trying to roleplay because you won't have fun. Roleplaying is meant to be fun and enjoyable, just not a chore where you feel like you have to do this when you really don't want too. If it feels like a chore, feel free to skip a couple days and raise up your muse a little bit. Even sometimes if you don't have a lot of muse but want some, try listening to music or doing something before you post. This is probably the easiest way to catch up on your muse.

7. Powerplaying
This seems to be a re-occurring thing nowadays. People think that there character can kill anything with one hit and make it seem like it was nothing. This is completely unrealistic and honestly stupid. Your character can't kill a elk, or a wolf with one hit as that is even impossible to do in real life! So you have to repeatedly hit it and you can't do it by yourself. Ask people to join you and maybe they will. Just don't be annoying like most people.

Well this is what I got so far! This may be edited later on when ideas come up, but I hope this helps out a couple people! Very Happy


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